BlogTo party or not to party? Dealing with the days after
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To party or not to party? Dealing with the days after


We're big party fans here at Azarius. In fact we wish we were partying right now instead of working, but the dull moments make the party high that much more amazing, don't they?

While we don't want to encourage drug use (reminder: stay in school, save the dolphins, etc.), we know that certain substances elevate a great night to legendary status.

The problem with most drugs: having a good time now means feeling down later. The days after you're tired from lack of sleep, you may have the mother of all headaches and when that happy pill wears off you suddenly feel as empty as your wallet before pay day.

Azarius put their greatest minds to good use and pondered that age old question: to party, or not to party? And the best solution for fighting the after party hangover is...

The best solution

...not partying at all. Seriously. That's the best way to avoid feeling like an idiot afterwards. Just learn to say no or party in moderation. There is no magic drug that makes you immune to the annoying side effects of a heavy night on the town.

The second best solution

Okay, maybe there are times when saying no is not a option. What can you do to mitigate the come down?

Introducing: After D recovery formula. The After supplement has been a staple of smartshops since the 90s, with specific formulas to use after Ecstasy (After E), coke (After C) and eating at McDonald's (After Blargh). This latest iteration is the best one yet.

After D

After D is a panacea of supplements, with a tasty mix of vitamins, minerals and wishful thinking - just what you need to quickly feel like yourself again after using drugs.

Remember it's not a cure for the come down (there is no cure for idiotic decisions), it's just a little something to help rebalance your body and mind.

Happy partying!

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