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Safely partying into 2017


We're not your parents, but we would like you to safely make it into the year 2017. Preferably with your entire brain intact and healthy.

If you're planning something spectacular to mark the end of 2016, such as using hard drugs or an experimental mutagen only tested on monkeys, please prepare well and remember a few basic things.

Partying in the Netherlands?

If you're from aboard and partying in the Netherlands, you might not know how things work in our little country. Here's a short but helpful video by our friends over at harm reduction organisation Unity:

Know what you're taking

Test your drugs with the EZ Test kits or bring them a testing centre in Amsterdam. Just say know!

Don't mix drugs, alcohol and fireworks

As a general rule of thumb, never combine drugs with alcohol. If it's New Year's Eve a small sip of champagne is probably fine, but don't overdo it and don't give in to party peer pressure.

If you or your friends are seriously tripping balls...think again about lighting fireworks. Is this really the best time to be holding what is essentially a bomb?

Take care of your friends

We're all on this floating rock in space together. If you see one of your friends or other party-goers having a rough time, help them out by bringing them to a quiet place and calm them down.

If they're freaking out about the unstable and most likely lethal experimental mutagen they've taken, just remind them that if Bozo the monkey can make it, so can they. Really sell that lie.

Prepare for the day(s) after

We all know what goes up, must come down (except taxes), so you're incredible party mood is eventually going to fade away and possibly turn into an after party downer. There are supplements available to help alleviate some of side effects on your mood after using certain drugs.

Take a look at our after party category. And be proud - actually planning for the days after already means you're one amazingly cunning individual.

Happy New Year!

Have an awesome time and we hope to see you alive and well next year!

More information (Dutch)

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