BlogCelebrate Cannabis Liberation Day with us in Amsterdam!
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Celebrate Cannabis Liberation Day with us in Amsterdam!


On June 12, Amsterdam celebrates Cannabis Liberation Day, the biggest cannabis and hemp festival in our country.

'The liberation of cannabis has never been more important in the Netherlands than it is today,' says VOC chairman Derrick Bergman. 'If we want to keep up with the pace of the current international events, we must work towards regulation, and eventually legalisation of cannabis'.'


Besides the music programme and speakers programme, there's an hemp fair and a Cannabis Filmfestival, as well as a diverse selection of small food caterers. In the film tent there'll be two panel discussions with (inter)national experts about medical cannabis and the threats and opportunities of regulation.

More facts about CLD:

  • CLD has been organised every year since 2009.
  • The festival went from a couple of hundred visitors to over 6000 visitors last year.
  • Alcohol won't be sold, but small amounts for personal use will be tolerated.
  • The same goes for THE herb!
  • The hashtag for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is #CBD2016 or #Cannabisliberationday
  • The festival has gained popularity allover Europe and welcomes therefore more international visitors every year

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