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Coming out of the Green Closet


In many environments cannabis has a bad reputation, mainly because it’s illegal. At work people don’t dare to tell they smoke a joint once in a while. Between parents and children it’s a huge taboo as well. Strange, when you consider the fact that cannabis is far less harmful than alcohol and tobacco – substances that are socially accepted and legal.

Keeping quiet about your own use maintains the stigma. Right now, it’s time to turn the tide. All over the world cannabis awareness campaigns are being launched. In the Netherlands there is Cannabis Aangenaam. In the US Coming out Green and We are the Marijhuana Majority. These initiatives are inspired by hopeful developments in the US and Uruguay, countries that recently (partially) legalised cannabis use.

Stop the War on Drugs

Also relevant in this respect is the international campaign Breaking the Taboo that questions the War on Drugs. The initiators protest against the 1961 UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, that according to them causes lots of suffering.

The treaty, signed by 185 countries, should be abolished or at least changed to make better drug policies possible. An impressive list of influential persons – amongst whom (former) presidents, artists and scientists – already signed the petition.

Cannabis Aangenaam

The Dutch campaign - literally ‘Cannabis, pleased to meet you’ - shows short movies of well-known (and less well-known) Dutch citizens who are ´coming out of the closet’ regarding their cannabis use. They tell about their relationship with the plant and their ideas about regulation. Inspired? Cannabis Aangenaam Team still searches for more contributions...

Who went before you? Alternet created a list of the 50 most influential cannabis users: Most influential marijuana users.

Watch the movie of ‘Coming out Green’:

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