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King's Day – Azarius closed


The Netherlands will colour orange again on Friday. We could tell you a cool psychedelic legend or that it is in honour of the discovery of Orange Bud but it's just our king's birthday. Whether we celebrate or not, one thing is sure we will be out of office.

Amsterdam King's Day Prinsengracht

This means Azarius is closed on 27 April. As we’re busy dressing up as orange bunnies, join the drunken boats on the canals of Amsterdam (allegedly that is us trying out a new vaporizer last year), there will be no-one here to answer your phone calls or emails and we don’t send any packages on this day.

Our offline store in the Kerkstraat will be closed as well.

Hungover or not (yeah, this thing tends to go on), on Monday we will completely be at your service again!

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