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Medical Cannabis Bike Tour in action


Not so long ago we discussed recent findings on cancer treatment with cannabis. One of the conclusions was more research is needed to clear up the exact health effects of this miraculous plant. Now there’s good news! A whole new study is about to take off, sponsored by the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour.

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is a non-profit organisation that aims to investigate the medical benefits of cannabis. Every year they jump on their bikes to cycle an ‘epic scenery route’ through Europe of 420 km in three days. The sponsorship money raised is dedicated to independent clinical research on cannabis.

On 27 November the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour proudly handed a check of €100.000 to Dr. Guillermo Velasco from the Madrid Complutense University and Dr. Juan Manuel Sepúlveda, investigator at GEINO, a Spanish Neuro-oncology Investigation Group.

The scientists will use it for clinical trials with 30 to 40 brain cancer (glioma) patients in several Spanish hospitals. They will be treated with cannabinoids THC and CBD along with other cancer agents. These cannabinoids have shown before to reduce tumour size. Preparations are in full swing and the trials should commence in September 2015.

The cannabinoid supplier already promised to provide the cannabinoids for free. Still the whole project will cost at least €280.000.

That’s why in 2015 about 100 cyclists will grab their bikes again for the third edition and cycle from Maastricht through Belgium and Germany. The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour will finish in Amsterdam on Cannabis Liberation Day, 14 June. They hope to raise at least another €180.000 to cover the full costs of the Spanish study.

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