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Heroin test kits in smartshop


If you’ve been to Amsterdam lately, you've probably noticed the cocaine alerts all over town. The city has been in turmoil since three British tourists died. They were sold cocaine which was actually white heroin. Fourteen other users have been hospitalized with breathing problems.

For a couple of weeks the police have been searching for the dealer, but without success so far.

Last Friday about 30 smartshops in Amsterdam were supplied with heroin tests. Remarkably it’s also possible to use these tests in the smartshop and ask smartshop staff for assistance. Usually any presence of hard drugs in smartshops is strictly forbidden but in these circumstances an exception is made. The heroin tests are sold by special teams on the street as well.

A heroin test costs two euros. When heroin is present, the test ampoule will colour purple. The test won’t give any information about the identity of other substances.

When tested positive on heroin, it’s very important to immediately contact the municipal health service GGD. Remember you’ll not be arrested for the possession of hard drugs.

At Azarius we are happy that smartshops are asked to assist in harm reduction. It’s at the basis of our philosophy to provide safe alternatives to street drugs.

The test kits are available in our offline store in the Kerkstraat. So please don’t hesitate to come by and ask our staff for assistance!

The heroin test kits were developed by EZ test in consultation with VLOS, the national association for smartshop companies and GGD. The tests form an addition to the matrix boards, posters and flyers that have already been spread around town for a couple of weeks.

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