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Azarius experiences: the Magic-Flight Launch Box


In the series 'Azarius experiences', one of the indomitable Azarius employees shares his or her experience with a substance or product related to psychonaut or stoner culture. In today's episode, we try the Magic-Flight Launch Box:

I've been looking for a method to consume marijuana without tobacco for a few years. I've tried almost every method of pure marijuana consumption, like pure joints, pipes and bongs, I've even tried space cakes, but it seemed to me that all these methods were very difficult to dose. Especially spaces cakes are very dangerous, certainly when you make them by yourself. Of course you know it's stupid to lick the pan clean, but the dough is so tasty and before you know it, it becomes a one-way trip to the moon. Once I ate a few pieces of space cake and got the munchies, but the only thing I had left in the fridge was the rest of that terrible space cake...

I searched for a way to use marijuana without tobacco and assumed I'd reached a dead end. But then somebody showed me a wonderful little machine: the Magic-Flight Launch Box. It's a pocket-size vaporizer. Of course I had used a vaporizer before, but those were always big machines, which seemed to me like Trojan horses; their vapour slipped slowly into my body and would suddenly kick in. I once took a big toke of a vaporizer, but tasted nothing, so I took another one and before I knew it, I was knocked out for the whole evening. Normal vaporizers vaporize a lot of THC at once, but compared to smoking a joint there's hardly any taste, this will easily lead to mistakes. Besides, the idea of walking around on a festival with a vaporizer as big as coffee machine, searching for a electric socket, seemed a bit ridiculous. For this reason table top vaporizers were not my cup of tea.

But the Magic-Flight is even smaller than a pack of cigarettes. The design is a basic tiny wooden box, about 6.5 x 4.5 x 2.0 centimetres. The fact they've chosen for wood instead of plastic, actually deserves a price by itself. The Magic-Flight works on one rechargeable penlite (AA) battery, which is also the only 'button'. I call this ingenious by simplicity.

Above all I really like the effect off the Magic-Flight. You put a small amount of weed in the box. Then you push the battery in. When you see thick vapour building up, you inhale. Every toke of this tiny machine is as strong as a toke of a joint with tobacco, unlike pure weed joints, pipes or water-pipes. Therefore, I think the Magic-Flight is a very good replacement.

So these are the pros of the Magic-Flight:
  • Vaporizing has a very low health-risk. You are vaporizing the THC instead off burning it, therefore you won't get any tar or other toxic substances in your lungs.

  • You can take the Magic-Flight with you anywhere you want and don't need a socket, just spare batteries.

  • With the Magic-Flight it's very easy to dose.

  • You can use it in places where you're not allowed to smoke, like on the train or in a restaurant. Nobody will smell it and the machine is so tiny, that nobody will notice what you're doing.

  • You save a lot of money. Admittedly you have to pay a large amount once, but you'll earn it back in no time, because the Magic-Flight is much more economical. All the THC is vaporized and consumed. Burning weed is far less efficient.

  • Suddenly you are very cool, everybody wants to talk to you, because you have that very funky machine.............but that's my experience ;)

I know there are some people that like to be completely stoned and those should keep on using big vaporizers or bongs, but if you're more like me and you want to smoke weed without any tobacco and also wish to stay in this reality, then you should definitely try the Magic-Flight. I should also strongly recommend the Magic-Flight to everyone who wants to try to do weed, but have never smoked before. Because with this machine you can build up very slowly and that makes it pretty safe to use.


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