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Albert Hofmann finally vindicated


To us it’s as clear as day: about 40 years ago someone had been tempering with the results on the effects of LSD. Fortunately for this generation there is an increasing amount of objective information on LSD readily available. The results that Albert Hofmann discovered, in combining LSD with psychotherapy on the terminally ill in order to combat fear of death, are now finally published:

       “The advantages of LSD combined with psychotherapy seem to manifest themselves for a long period of time. Even though there is still ground to be covered in terms of scientifical reliability and validation, based on the reaction of the patients it could be said that this clinical research was a success. For the most part the patients expressed a preference towards having more than two LSD sessions for longer treatments. (…) Following a recent clinical research on psilocybin there seems to be a resurrection of a scientifical field which acknowledges the importance of psychedelics as an instrument for psychiatric research.”

And so, the wish of Albert Hofmann to include psychedelics in the psychotherapeutic field after 40 years of waiting seems to be coming true at last.

Now… was that so hard to admit?

Read more (dutch only):

Stichting Open: Hofmann’s wens komt uit

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