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Hail to the King, baby!


So you may have noticed the huge orange banner on our front page, with something about hailing a king. You see, the Netherlands is crowning their new king on Tuesday April 30th. In order to maximise the confusion for foreigners, we're still calling that day Queensday.

It's a day off from work though, so you won't hear us complain (much). And being kind hearted spirits, we're sharing some of the festive mood with you. No, not with cheese or tulips, but for one whole day only, we're dropping prices by 50% on the following products:

- Alivi8 vaporizer (orange)
- WISPR vaporizer (pumpkin orange)
- Orange Bud (Dutch Passion) 3 or 5 seeds
- Salvia extract 5x, 1 gram (orange)
- Magic Truffle Hollandia (guess which colour the package is?)

And you'll even get a free orange gift with any order made on the 30th!

The downside? We'll be so busy stuffing our faces with Dutch pastries that we won't be shipping any orders or answering questions on Tuesday. Our Amsterdam store will be closed as well, BUT we'll be open upcoming Sunday & Monday, in case you need some last minute 'party gear', ifyouknowwhatimean!

More information on our store: here

Bonus: The most horrible Dutch song in the history of the life, the universe and everything else.

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