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Medicinal Cannabis mainly used by women


The Hague, The Netherlands - Two third of the users of medicinal cannabis is female. Sixty percent of the users has used cannabis before and most users suffer from Multiple Scleroses. This is the conclusion of research of users of cannabis on doctors prescription.
The research is presentated on June 2nd 2004.

Since autumn 2003 it's possible to get weed in Holland in the pharmacy through doctors prescription by very ill patients. The weed softens the pain.

The research is done by Pharmo, a specialized research institute. According to the company, the introduction of the medicinal cannabis didn't lead to other citizens trying to get cannabis through the pharmacy.

The government has detirmined which groups of people qualify for medicianl weed. It concerns people who suffer for example from cancer and Multiple sclerosis. Also people who are terminal ill or have chronic pain, qualify. The weed at pharmacy is sold more expensive than at the coffee shop. According to the research workers this the reason why that little abuse is made of sale by pharmacies.

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