BlogStudy of LSD-assisted psychotherapy nearly complete
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Study of LSD-assisted psychotherapy nearly complete


A study into the clinical use of LSD, as a part of a psychotherapy treatment for anxiety, is nearing completion. The study, performed by psychiatrists in Switzerland, is remarkable because it’s the first of its kind in 35 years.

The lead investigator’s initial report states that all 12 participants seemed to have benefited from the LSD treatment. The effects were described as increased awareness of the importance of life, and in general feeling more relaxed. No side effects (or ‘bad trips’) have been reported by the participants. According to the project lead, this demonstrates that LSD can be safe to use in medical treatments, as long as it is properly controlled.

However, given the low number of participants, it will be hard to attribute the results of the study to LSD alone. But perhaps more studies will follow and pave the way for a better understanding of the benefits of LSD in the clinical world.

Read more about the LSD study on the website of MAPS.

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