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US Cigar makers want to outlaw blunts


The Cigar Association of America wants Idaho to outlaw blunt wraps, because there's "no legitimate use" for them other than to roll weed in. The law would label blunt wraps as drug paraphernalia and make it illegal to have or use them.

A Chicago bishop is pushing to make the sales of blunt wraps illegal across the country. We’ve dug up a couple of remarkable quotes from the priest:

"We need to stop people from bringing things and making them available to our children and making them drug addicts."

"Let us join Canada. Let us join New York City. Let us join Boston in recognizing the scourge that blunt wraps are. Let us say 'no' to this public health hazard."

Earlier this month, a similar proposal was rejected in Illinois.

Of course banning cigar wraps because people use them to smoke weed won't stop stoners from getting high. It will, however, force them to go back to the traditional and far less convenient method of blunt-rolling, which involves buying a cigar, splitting it longways, removing the tobacco, replacing it with herb, and carefully sealing it back together with saliva. Sounds complicated? In this video, The Daily Smoker demonstrates the fine art of blunt-rolling.

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