BlogWebsite offers voting advice for Dutch cannabis lovers
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Website offers voting advice for Dutch cannabis lovers


As election day is coming closer in the Netherlands, many (floating) voters who can’t make up their mind turn to websites that offer questionnaires to determine which party best represents the voters views. The latest in these advice-offering websites is the Dutch ‘Cannabis Kieswijzer’. This website gives Dutch stoners an instant overview of parties that favor legalization and the parties that would like to abolish the current tolerance policy – and everything in between.

Judging from the latest opinion poll figures, things are not looking too bright for the future of Dutch coffeeshops. Although it is currently hard to tell who’s going to win and which parties will form a governing coalition, the centre-right parties seem to gain the most votes. This could result in a closure of more coffeeshops, and even stricter rules for both visitors and owners.

In an effort to get more people to vote, a number of coffeeshops will keep its doors closed on election day.

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