BlogAzarius again at the OPEN Festival, June 11
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Azarius again at the OPEN Festival, June 11


Last year Azarius had an information booth at the festival organized by Stichting OPEN, a Dutch initiative that tries to promote academic interest in psychedelic research, somewhat comparable to MAPS, the Multidisciplinarian Association for Psychedelic Studies.

We had a great time, so decided to go again this year. The festival will be organized in the squatted church at Ruigoord, a cultural free haven near Amsterdam. During the festival there will be different musical performances (psychedelic rock, ethnic music and psytrance) and all kinds of activities. For example, you can try out Evert's Verdamper (a glass vaporizer), experience the psychedelic Brain Machine, take a hit from our Volcano, get a massage, and order various vegetarian snacks.

If you've got the opportunity, please come to this festival. All profits go to Stichting OPEN, an organization we really appreciate for the many interesting lectures they have organized and continue to organize in various universities and lecture halls throughout the Netherlands.

The festival starts June 11 at 17:00 and ends around 2:00 at night. The entrance fee (or donation) is 7,50, and a vegetarian meal is served for an additional 7,50. Between midnight and 2:00 there will be transportation to the nearest train station (Sloterdijk).

For more information (in Dutch), see: Programma Benefiet Festival Stichting OPEN

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