BlogTruffles and growkits remain legal in the Netherlands
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Truffles and growkits remain legal in the Netherlands


Dutch Health minister Ab Klink said that he does not see any reason to ban sclerotia truffles and mushroom grow kits.
Various smart shops across the country are selling these psilocybin/psilocin containing truffles, as this species does not fall under the recently introduced mushroom ban. It is botanically-wise not considered a mushroom.

(The questions and answers posed to the MP can be found here - in Dutch).

Earlier this year several members of parliament faced the minister with his lies regarding an incident in which a French tourist killed his dog while he - according to the media – was under the influence of magic mushrooms. Even after it became clear that this was not the case, Klink repeatedly used this incident as an example to justify the necessity of a ban.

Meanwhile, the appeal in the case against the mushroom ban is still pending. We will keep you updated, also if/when we will resume the sale of grow boxes.

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