BlogSteep increase in number of dodgy pills on Dutch drug market
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Steep increase in number of dodgy pills on Dutch drug market


The Netherlands is the world’s largest XTC producing country, and as a result dirty or weak pills have always been quite uncommon there. However, it appears times are changing, as the Dutch Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) recently began to notice an increase in the number of XTC pills that do not contain any MDMA (the active substance in XTC). Previously, only a minor amount of tablets tested did not contain MDMA, but in a few months time this has gone up to one third.
A considerable amount (nearly 20%) was found to contain mCPP, a compound known to induce nausea and migraine. There have also been reports of pills containing the psychoactive drug 2C-B, which’ effects are notably different than those of MDMA.

The Dutch are fortunate to have drug test centers, where users can have their pills and powders tested for purity – often free of charge.
For those unable to test their pills at a professional test center, home tests are the only option. Such tests are easy to perform, and it only takes a few minutes to see the result. The E-Z test Marquis allows you to see if your pill or crystals actually contain MDMA. The Xtreme or Complete kit is able to detect whether your pill has been mixed and/or contains unwanted substances. Unfortunately, none of these tests are able to determine the exact MDMA content; they merely provide an indication of substances present in the pill or capsule.

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