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Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot torch

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Información del producto

With this collaboration between Higher Standards and Blazer, the anti-flare butane torch has never been so practical, precise and portable.

When using torches, it is important to only handle lighters which excel in functionality, build quality and engineering. The Big Shot torch lighter is precisely this: craftsmanship and reliability at its finest. With each refill, you have at your disposal over 35 minutes of burning time, to a maximum temperature of 1370 °C.

Besides heating up any dab-rig or blunt in a matter of seconds, this torch lighter is one of the most powerful, yet smallest tools you'll ever find. This small device can even solder!

How it Works

Remove the red safety cap from the nozzle. We recommend starting each session with the flame at its lowest setting. Then press the button and readjust the flame as needed.
To turn the unit off, simply turn the gas dial to the closed position.


It is possible to refill the torch lighter with butane via the refill port on the bottom of the unit.

Higher Standards x Blazer Big Shot – FEATURES

  • Higher Standards X Blazer Collaboration
  • Made In Japan
  • Anti-flare design
  • Turn upside down with total control
  • Strong & sturdy brass flame nozzle
  • Detachable base & precision flame control
  • 35 minutes of high-grade burn time
  • 1370 °C Flame
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