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Azarius Presents: Psychedelic Sessions 2016


Friday August 12 2016 Azarius organized the second edition of the Psychedelic Sessions. This time we invited four speakers to give a lecture on the many aspects of the psychedelic experience. This year we recorded the lectures again so you can learn about the latest developments in psychedelic culture.

Psychedelic Sessions 2016


Derrick Bergman ~ Author and VOC-chairman

Cultivate your own freedom: cannabis activism in the 21st century

Oliver Martin ~ Mushroom Doctor

Psilohuasca, Toad and Coming Home

Judith Noijen ~ Project leader at Unity

4-FA. Temporay hype or serious competitor of Ecstasy?

This article on 4-FA (or 4-FMP) offers a good introduction to this substance.

Arno Adelaars ~ Author and Ayahuasca expert

Anaconda and Jaguar. The Fountain of Culture

This article on Ayahuasca contains all the basics on this powerful plant teacher.

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