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Azarius Presents: Psychedelic Sessions 2015


Psychedelic Sessions 2015

Friday 31 juli 2015 at the Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord, The Netherlands, Azarius organized the first edition of the Psychedelic Sessions.

The afternoon was filled with six interesting lectures that give you the opportunity to learn more about the psychedelic experience. Most of us will know about tripping and spacing, but what can psychedelics offer us in terms of ritual, therapeutic, scientific or spiritual use?

The speakers are all experienced professionals and each paints a fascinating picture of the psychedelic experience from their own point of view and area of expertise. Everything from ayahuasca to peyote to LSD, it'll all be dissected during the Psychedelic Sessions.


Hans van den Hurk

Founder of the Conscious Dreams smartshops and co-owner of Conscious Wholesale.

Lecture (Dutch): Etnobotanical experiences. From the Huichol peyote ceremony tot the Nepalese big-bhang.

Manoj Hermans & Gert-Jan Evelo

Founders and creators of Dutch Spirit herbs.

Lecture (Dutch): Dutch Spirit: Van Sex- tot Kruinkryuden.

Paul Eijkemans

Plant healer and writer from the Netherlands, speaks about the possibilities offered by ayahuasca for personal development, but also the misperceptions.

Lecture:The healing path with ayahuasca.

Joost Breeksema

Co-founder and chairman OPEN foundation.

Lecture:Mind Altering Science. Scientific research into psychedelics, therapeutic uses and mystical experiences.

Dr. Hylke Vervaeke

MSc Biomedical Sciences, universitair teacher at the Vrije Universiteit, trainer at Unity and bon vivant.

Lecture (Dutch): Between genius and madness. Which role do psychedelics play in the fine divide between creativity, genius and madness?

Hans Plomp

Writer, psychonaut and Ruigoord founder.

Lecture (Dutch): Psychedelics and altering consciousness: a path to "enlightenment"?

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