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Party hard!


This guide will provide an overview of the various natural products that can be taken to spice up a party or festival. There are many ways you can change your state of mind for a couple of hours. To choose the right product, it's important that you know what you want. Do you want to feel energized or do you want to chill out? Do you want to interact with others, or do you just want to space out and giggle? Or perhaps spend the night with your (girl)friend?

Energy & Euphoria

These products contain ingredients that have a stimulating effect, perfect for dancing and staying awake all night. Various herbs contain xanthines, natural stimulants which include caffeine and theobromine. Other products are liquid and can be taken directly or mixed with a drink.

1) dried herbs/tea

2) pills

More here: Smartshop > Formulas > Party

3) drinks

Chilling out

Sometimes you wanna dance, sometimes you don't. The following products are nice if you just want to sit back and enjoy a spliff or chill out at a friend's place. Kratom has strong sedative effects, which combine remarkably well with the high of cannabis. There are also milder herbs that have a relaxing effect, and mixtures that you can put in a vaporizer. There's also kanna, a herb that acts like a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, giving a happy or even euphoric feeling, and nutritional supplements like GABA and L-tryptophan. When you roll a bit of kanna in with a cannabis joint it's quite effective in damping the paranoia side effects which some cannabis strains can have.

1) kratom

More information on the use and effects of kratom here: www.mitragyna.com

2) Dried herbs/tea

3) Pills

4) Aroma

5) Bongs and rolling paper

Tripping and spacing out

There's no party like a psychedelic party. Psychedelics turn on a light show in your head and radically alter your perception, both of your environment and yourself. Because of the possible intensity of the effects and your own response to them, it's best to take psychedelics in a place where you feel safe, familiar and at ease, especially the first couple of times.

Magic mushrooms and truffles are the most popular natural psychedelics because they are easy to ingest (just eat some), and generally don't make you feel nauseous. Truffles contain psilocybin and psilocin, which generate extremely colourful visions, which are best seen with eyes closed or the lights turned off. You can read more on prudent use of psychedelics in the encyclopaedia entry Using psychedelics safely.

1) Truffles

More here: Grow kits and other mushroom products

Note: Be cautious when you take mushrooms because the psychoactive effects are somewhat unpredictable. Good places to trip are psy parties and outdoor festivals (or at home with the lights off). Not recommended for regular bars and clubs, or commercial concerts and festivals.

2) Salvia

Note: Salvia is best taken in a quiet, safe place. Not suitable for public places and noisy rooms. Never take Salvia by yourself, always have a responsible 'sitter' present. During the 5 to 10 minutes of your "trip" you'll have no idea what's going on externally (so if you're not careful you might hurt yourself).

More information on the usage and effects of Salvia here: www.salvia.net

3) LSA seeds and capsules

Note: These seeds contain compounds that can make you feel quite uncomfortable. Nausea and upset stomachs are quite common. Prepare the seeds properly and be careful with the dosage.


In our encyclopaedia entry on sex, we've given an overview of the most popular aphrodisiacs, both herbal and nutritional. These products are meant for all healthy adults. They stimulation the blood circulation of the genitals, giving more pleasure and deeper orgasms. Some of these supplements can be taken on a daily basis, to increase your general libido. But they can also be taken a couple of minutes before the desired effect (for example, the Sex-E and the Horny Goat Weed capsules). There are also gels (for men and women) that you can apply to your genitals, which again increases the blood circulation and gives a pleasant, tingling sensation.

1) Dried herbs/tea

2) Tablets & capsules

More products here: Smartshop > Aphrodisiacs > Formulas

3) viagel

After Party

To quickly recover from the use of alcohol and/or other substances, you can use one of our various detox products described in the encyclopedia entry titled After Party & Detox. Some suggestions:


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