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Growing organic cannabis


We have all heard of organically grown vegetables. But did you know that you can also grow your cannabis organically? You might think that this is logical, simply because weed comes from a naturally occurring plant.

Yet organic weed has only really been on the rise in recent years. And that is not without reason. There are, for example,  a number of important advantages to organic cannabis. The smell and taste are stronger, it is better for the environment and your health, and it sometimes produces a better harvest.

If you want to know more about organic weed, read this article. We explain what organic weed is, what the benefits are and we dive deeper into the philosophy and science behind organic cultivation. Finally, we give you some tips if you want to get started with organic growing.

biologische cannabisplant

What is Organic Cannabis?

Organic weed means exactly what the name says, organically grown weed. Yes, of course. But what does organic growing mean? That is difficult to pin down because there are different definitions and methods for growing organic weed.

In general, organically grown weed should be grown naturally as much as possible. So we’re talking about weed that is pure nature. You achieve this by applying different methods.

One of the most important methods to achieve this is to grow the cannabis in a natural soil, without the addition of artificial fertilizers. Organic weed is cultivated as much as possible without human intervention.

Therefore, if you want to grow cannabis organically, you refrain from using pesticides or chemicals to influence the growth of the plant.

Many growers do use these types of products. For example, pesticides are used to prevent insects and all kinds of chemicals are used to make the plant grow faster and to ensure that the plant yields more harvest.

The biological cultivation of weed is therefore comparable to the organic food industry. Consider, for example, vegetables that are produced organically. In this case, the use of pesticides and chemicals are also avoided.

An important philosophy behind the organic cultivation of cannabis revolves around the ecosystem in which the plant lives and grows. The plant interacts with the environment. For example, certain micro-organisms influence the growth of the plant.

Mimicking the natural growth procedure of the plant as much as possible is an important part of organic growing. You will read more about that later on.

For some people, organic cultivation of cannabis goes beyond the cultivation method of the plant itself. They want to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint, for example by using as little water and energy as possible.

The Benefits of Organic Cannabis

The cultivation of biological cannabis yields various advantages according to proponents. Below you can read three benefits of organic weed.

1. Stronger taste and smell

Proponents of organic cannabis believe that this weed has a stronger taste and smell. Organically grown weed has a sharper taste because the plant naturally develops the concentration of active ingredients. Think of substances such as terpenes and cannabinoids (for example THC and CBD).

2. Better for the environment and health

Because you don’t use toxic substances such as pesticides and chemicals when growing weed, it’s better for the environment. There are no toxic substances released into nature thanks to organic cultivation.

For the same reason, it is believed that it’s better for your health. Organic cannabis is cleaner to use because your body doesn’t get affected by pesticides and chemicals.

3. Better harvest

Organically grown weed can provide a better yield. Yes, this is in contrast to the motives of the regular growing industry. Because they use chemicals to improve the harvest of the plant.

Why should organic farming ensure a better harvest? This has to do with creating an optimal micro-environment. When you do that, the plant can grow optimally and create strong buds.

Nowadays so-called 'super soil' is available. This is a carefully formulated soil that contains exactly what the plant needs, without using fertilizers.

Growing Organically with Microorganisms

Ok, you cultivate cannabis organically by reducing human intervention as much as possible. You grow the weed in a natural soil and do not use pesticides and chemicals.

But what else is involved? As explained, the creation of an optimal micro-ecosystem has an important influence. You should stimulate the natural growth of the plant as much as possible.

Microorganisms play an important role in realizing this. These are living organisms that are incredibly small, such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts. These organisms support the cannabis plant naturally. They feed the plant and remove harmful waste.

The microorganisms live in a symbiotic relationship with the plant. This means that both the plant and the micro-organisms benefit from their 'cooperation'. The cannabis plant, in turn, produces nutrients for the micro-organisms. So they provide each other with food in a natural way!

It is therefore essential to ensure the presence of these micro-organisms in the soil, without it you wouldn’t be able to grow organically in an optimal way.

5 Tips to Grow Organically

Do you see the value of organic weed? And do you want to get started with growing organic cannabis? To help you on your way, we have put together a number of useful tips for you. Read them and start growing!

1. Start with a good soil

A good soil is the most important part of organic growing. Therefore, make sure that you have a soil that is suitable for organic cultivation and optimally supports micro-organisms. Suitable organic soils are for example compost mixes, peat moss and worm castings.

You can buy ready-made 'super soil' in specialized grow shops. This is a carefully composed organic soil that contains everything for an ideal micro-ecosystem. Usually, you only have to add water yourself. Easy if you are just getting started with growing or do not feel like making a lot of effort.

If you want to get started yourself, you can build your own 'super soil'. Try searching Google for super soil recipes.

2. Use organic nutrients

If you have an ideal soil, water is basically enough to grow your plants and keep them alive. But it doesn’t hurt to add extra nutrients to stimulate growth. You should use organic nutrients.

BioTabs compostthee

Many organic growers use compost tea. This is a liquid food for your plants, composed of organic materials. You can easily make compost tea yourself, just search for a recipe on the internet.

Another way to stimulate the growth of your cannabis plants is to add mycorrhiza fungi. These fungi help your plants to absorb water and nutrients. Some soils already contain these fungi, but you can also buy them separately.

3. Natural pest control

If you want to grow organically, you don’t use chemical pesticides. Fortunately, you can also combat pests in natural ways. The micro-organisms in your soil already do that, but you can lend a hand by buying a natural leaf spray. Or just manufacture your own spray.


  • Pressed garlic
  • Clove
  • Anise
  • Lavender oil
  • Hot pepper (juice)
  • Water

Another organic product you can use is Spinosad. This drug contains fermented bacteria and attacks the nervous system of insects.

munt plant

4. Use companion plants

You place companion plants next to your weed plants (like mint, see picture.) Placing companion plants provides a number of important advantages. For example, some plants help to fight vermin. Other plants provide a better soil. And, as the name says, they prevent your cannabis plants from being lonely.

It is important that you place the plants close to your cannabis plants. But not too close, because otherwise, they will fight with your cannabis plants over soil and nutrients.

5. Provide optimal light

If you want to grow organic weed carefully, you should use light that is as natural as possible. Ideally, you grow outdoors in the sunlight. But unfortunately, this is not always possible. If you decide to grow indoors, use full spectrum LED lighting.

This lighting resembles natural lighting and provides exactly the light that your plants need. In addition, this lighting is more energy-efficient and because the LED lights remain cool, you need less ventilation.

Last but not least

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