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Who can roll the phatest joint in the land? Well, you can!

These VIBES Cubano extra-wide pre-rolled cones are some of the widest, phatest cones on the market today.

They hold up to a mind-numbing 8 grams of flower yet are strong enough to hold that massive weight without losing their structural integrity, all the way down to the filter tip. Perfect for passing to the left in a large group.

The VIBES Cubanos come in three different kinds of paper:

VIBES Ultra Thin Cubano Cones

As one of the lightest smokable material available, ultra-thin hemp paper burns evenly and smoothly. It also lets the flavour of the herb speak for itself, without giving off that typical ‘paper taste’.

VIBES Rice Cubano Cones

These burn slower than hemp or other kinds of rolling paper, perfect for those extra-long seshes.

VIBES Hemp Cubano Cones

By far the smoothest of the bunch to smoke with. The natural hemp fibres provide a nice and even burn without influencing the flavour of your favourite herb.

Cubano Cones have no added calcium carbonate and feature an all-natural sealing gum from the Acacia tree.

VIBES Cubano pre-rolled cones feature:

  • Over 8 grams per cone
  • Natural Acacia tree gum
  • No added calcium carbonate
  • Pre-inserted filter tip included in every cone
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