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Azarius presents: The High Inspired Collection


It is with pride that Azarius launches the High Inspired Collection. Amsterdam-based street artist Sjem Bakkus brings you the design on a bag and a set of t-shirts. He pulls you in with his psychedelic, funny and sometimes almost Esscher-like art. For this collection, he felt inspired by magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis).

Azarius High Inspired tote bag

The practical tote bag is made from recycled material and ideal for carrying groceries, festival goodies or freshly picked mushrooms. The t-shirts, available in black and light grey, are made from 100% biological cotton. A great allround shirt with a nice psychedelic twist to surprise your mushroom-loving friends.

The High Inspired Collection will be expanded with more artful clothing in the near future.

More of Sjem Bakkus can be found on his Instagram.

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