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Mainstream Marijuana: 5 TV Shows Featuring Mary Jane


For the many of us who like to smoke a little ‘indica on-da-couch,’ television shows featuring our beloved Mary Jane have only come to light in the last decade. In mainstream television, we hardly would ever see someone lighting up a bong while cigarettes and alcohol seldom caused much controversy. With the current legislation of recreational pot in parts of North America, television shows are starting to bring marijuana into mainstream culture. Here are a few examples that have been enjoyed by viewers:

Weeds televison show

1. Weeds, Showtime

As one of the first shows to hit mainstream television in America, Weeds follows a character named Nancy Botwin. After her husband’s unexpected death, she’s left with a debt she can’t possibly pay off. In order to make enough money and start supporting her family, she decides to grow and sell marijuana to people in her neighbourhood. Throughout this dark comedy, we discover the stories of her neighbours and how they secretly want what she’s selling. With an 8/10 rating on IMDB, its drama-like allure comes through Nancy’s learning of the marijuana business and how she begins spiraling into a world of illegal activities.

High Maintenance

2. High Maintenance, HBO

What first started as an underground web-series on Vimeo is now televised by one of the most popular networks there is today: HBO. Based in New York City, High Maintenance follows the life of a Brooklyn pot dealer (referred to as ‘the Guy’) who cycles around in his bike, delivering to clients with neuroses as diverse as the city itself. Proving to be one of today’s most highly-acclaimed online comedies, the witty series provides a glimpse into the hearts and minds of pot-smokers (from the unexpected and unusual to the predictable and mundane) and how they light things up.


3. Weediquette, Viceland

For those of you looking for a bit of reality in your cannabis television programming, Viceland’s documentary series, Weediquette, would be one to look out for. Hosted by Krishna Andavolu, the series documents his travels around the world where he meets a diverse group of people who integrate cannabis in their daily lives. It takes a look at children with cancer or veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder who rely on cannabis for their treatment. Given the ever-changing conversation around the legalization of marijuana in North America, Weediquette provides viewers with global insights on cannabis in an artistic and informative way. In the series, you also see Krishna going on a search for the rarest types of weed with Amsterdam’s “King of Cannabis,” Arjan Roskam (of Green House fame).


4. Workaholics, Comedy Central

Be warned, there’s more dark comedy on the table here. Workaholics follows the lives of three roommates who make fools of themselves by getting into the weirdest of situations. All three slackers don’t take their telemarketing jobs seriously whatsoever, constantly getting drunk and drugged up throughout each episode. Whether it’s Blake’s quest for his infamous bear coat, Adam singing about Catherine Zeta-Jones whilst high on mushrooms, or ‘the Ders’ Anders scheme to get with his Swedish pen-pal touring Hollywood, the boys always seem to wreak trouble wherever they go.

Hollands Hoop

5. Hollands Hoop, VARA

This Dutch drama and crime series revolves around protagonist Fokke Augustinus, a forensic psychiatrist who inherits a farm from his late father. Fokke takes his family up North to the farm, where he finds a huge marijuana plantation hidden between the cornfields. It doesn’t take long before he has taken over the business and dives deeper into the criminal activities that surround it. Soon his son finds out what Fokke is doing and an old client shows up on the farm, which magnifies the drama. But Hollands Hoop is more than just tension; all the trouble makes for a whole lot of funny scenes as well. Check out our encyclopedia article on Hollands Hoop for a longer take.

Although not all shows are available online for our financial-free viewing pleasure, here are some links to those that are:

1. High Maintenance

2. Weediquette

3. Hollands Hoop

Author: Sada Piqolette

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