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Weed wellness with 5 CBD seeds


Being an Azarian, we obviously don’t need to tell you that not all strains of cannabis are the same. Each strain contains different proportions of chemical compounds, of which THC and CBD are the most common. THC is the compound that gets you high, while CBD has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the effects of THC. Yet many cannabis growers neglect the CBD content, as they tend to focus on the THC content. Indeed, originally the customer is more interested in a psychoactive trip than in the health value of his doobie. However, in recent decades there has been more focus on the medicinal effects of marijuana, and thus the CBD content in different strains. What is also interesting: users report a more 'clear' high when using cannabis which has a high THC content as well as a high CBD content.

So if you’re looking for weed that is not so much about tripping, but more about soothing, relaxing and healing, then CBD-rich marijuana is for you! We are happy to put our favourite CBD seeds in the spotlight. And the great thing is: you can get them with a discount this month!

Azarius hand-picked top five

1. CBD Critical Cure (Barney's Farm)
Critical Cure is a fast growing plant that grows giant flower buds (support is required) with high CBD levels. Because of the relatively low THC content, the weed is relaxing without making you feel heavy or stoned. The taste is earthy and slightly sweet.

2. CBD Mango Haze (CBD Crew)
There’s no accounting for taste? That may be so, but still we recommend Mango Haze as one of the best tasting medicines ever. This fine weed tastes spicy and fruity, like mango, pineapple and pepper. The CBD - THC ratio varies between 1: 1 and 2: 1.

3. Super Silver Haze CBD (Greenhouse)
This beautiful plant is the love child of the famous Super Silver Haze and a CBD-rich partner. The high THC and CBD content produces an intense physical and mental stimulation, but without entering a cosmic adventure. This strain is also ideal for making medicinal cannabis oil.

4. CBD Skunk Haze (Dutch Passion)
Purchase this balanced variant for a pleasant and gradual high. When used you'll be relaxed but not blasted, thanks to the subtle balance of 5 percent THC and 5 percent CBD. Also enjoyable is its taste of cedar, citrus, pine and mint.

5. Shark Shock CBD (Dinafem)
Looking for a CBD champion that’s easy to grow? You’ll magically transform these seeds into a stocky strong fellow full of compact buds covered in resin. Quality harvest guaranteed. Usage results in deep physical relaxation.

Author: Sara de Waal

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