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5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Any Stoner Sweetie


That’s it, February’s here! The end of that New Year vibe and the start of flourishing affections. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, plenty of sweethearts are looking for that perfect gift. Let’s first admit, Valentine’s shopping is a pain for everyone. If your partner happens to enjoy getting high, what gift would make that stoner sweetie swoon? What displays of affection would ultimately say: “Would doobie my Valentine?” Here are five Valentine’s Day gifts for that favourite someone:

Blowdom condoms

1. Blowdom Cannabis Condoms

Let’s start off with a gag gift. What would Valentine’s be without a gag gift? If silliness and laughter is the way to their heart, why not experiment or play around with the world’s first cannabis-inspired condom? If you’re feeling a bit more cheeky than cheesy this year, this simple gift would play its part. It’s definitely not the most romantic, but hey, it’s safe!

hemp soap

2. Hemp Soap

Hemp soap is an ideal gift for lovers who like to keep themselves clean. Known as a source of essential fatty acids, hemp soap can help moisturise uncomfortable, dry skin into the silky smooth texture we all love to touch. Not only can it heat up an already steamy shower, it can also deliver effective sensitive cleansing for dry skin. But also think about it: how much slippery fun do you think two bodies can have?

Love Pacl

3. Love Pack

If you’re feeling more promiscuous this Valentine’s day, Azarius has put together a Love Pack filled with items that would boost the libido of you and your partner. Not only does it include the Spanish Fly, it’s also got a variety of herbal wonders that ensure your genitals have the time of their life. Of as advocates of safe sex, two condoms are also included in the pack. Each of these items was collected to enhance sexual pleasure and performance. What else are you waiting for?

Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs

4. The Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling

For stoner sweeties who wouldn’t be without a book on a rainy day, the Encyclopedia of Aphrodisiacs reveals the remedies of the love goddess. It is the most comprehensive guide to the use, preparation, and dosage of over 400 erotically stimulating substances. It has a rich collection of over 800 photographs that would stimulate any high and interested mind. Let your loved one sit back, relax and scroll through the pages and who knows, an interesting dinner might be in store.

5. Essentials Care Package

If you still can’t decide on what to get your Valentine, you at least know one thing to be true. Your stoner sweetie loves to get high! care package is a collection of things that every marijuana enthusiast is in constant need lighters, rolling papers, tips, a grinder, and of course, their favourite -snacks. All of these essentials and more are available on the Azarius onlinesmartshop. All you’ve got to do is pick some out. Enjoy!

Author: Sada Piqolette

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