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Worldy News! Mundial here we come...


Mundial 2014 here we come...

And if you wish to be there also you’d better be quick because the tickets for all three days have already been sold out, but the daily tickets are still available. The festival is this weekend on the 27th, 28th and 29th of June in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

What usually inspires most in world festivals besides the happy, relaxing vibe is that there’s so much new music en culture to encounter; though Mundial also attracts the better known artists such as: Asian Dub Foundation, Ibrahim Maalouf, The Sexican, Bomba Estereo etc...

But there’s more to Mundial than meets the music, such as: dance, Urban Climbing but also Urban Bee-keeping (that’s right), a skating-temple will be there to challenge young and old (and you'll also be able to find turntables on ramps), freerunning, BMX-ing, slacklining, there’s a theater garden hidden somewhere, an opportunity to make your own little vegetable garden, an opportunity to make your own art and much much more, but naturally we are most excited about the FeelGood Market where we’ll happily be standing on Saturday in order to supply you with an extra energy boost, or something to relax, or perhaps a vaporizer?

We hope to run into you, and if we do you can also count on us to bring the water pistols.

Click here for more information on Mundial.

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