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The very best of Azarius in 2013


Last year we have added quite a few products to our stock. We thought we'd take this opportunity brought by the new year, to humbly remind you of our best products of 2013. Better late than never!

We’ve had a big expansion within our:

Herbs Of The Gods extracts line

However, the Azarius favourite(s) would have to be the Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) extracts which we’ve added, although we tend to bicker over whether or not the UC extract is better than the Kanna extract 10x.


Want to dream better, more and lucidly? Here, take these:


Innervisions (has there ever be a more honest brand name?) gained two instantly infamous strains: Sclerotia Hollandia and Sclerotia Dragon. As well as the Moby Dick and Cambodian Gold grow kits.


Noteworthy all on its own is the Viva Zen, but while we’re roaming in the Kratom category we’d like to take the opportunity to mention the Red extract and Gold extract.

Headshop: now worth mentioning

But not just mind-altering additions have made it to the party, of course we also need new and various ways of ingesting. We're not just talking about the lovely new Red Eye pipes, EHLE and Plaisir bongs; but of course also the introduction of E-cigarettes and a remarkable accumulation of state-of-the-art vaporizers.


With open arms we’ve welcomed in the past year:


And while you’re enjoying your favourite smartshop or headshop item… you shouldn't forget about creating the ambiance around you. Fortunately 2013 also included a big expansion within the choice of incense available.


We saved the best for last: in 2013 we introduced our very own brand of bulk seeds simply known as Azarius Seeds. Yes, we're still sticking with the 'taste the rainbow' slogan.

So, once again we wish you the best 2014, we'll do what we can to make it another smashing year full of colourful ways to explore your mind and dreams.

Is our site missing an important product? Is your life incomplete without it? Please tell us in the comments and who knows, you may just get exactly what you want.

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