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Uruguay Passes Legalization Bill!


Under the influence of the President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, the bill for the legalization of marijuana has officially been passed. Uruguay is of opinion that the war on drugs has not only failed them, but dramatically influenced the contemporary problems related to addiction in South-America.

The results came in 16 to 13 in favour of the bill, showing how divided the legislators were on this matter. Opposition member Alfredo Solari, for example, said Uruguay should not 'experiment' on its people. However, when we look at the current state of affairs, experimenting might be just what is required to improve the situation.

Although the bill has passed, Uruguay still has to implement the changes. The idea is that the cost of cannabis will be around 1 Euro per gram and any individual over the age of 18 is permitted to buy up to 40 grams per month, in addition to the 6 plants that are allowed per household. The new law will be implemented around April 2014 and the organization will be non-profit. Jose Mujica holds a firm -and perhaps even slightly utopian- belief and sees this as a chance to create more freedom in new ways.

There’s nothing left for us to do but say: thumbs up Uruguay!

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