BlogNeither Left or Right want the decriminalization of cannabis in France
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Neither Left or Right want the decriminalization of cannabis in France


During an interview, a radio journalist asked Cécile Duflot, the national secretary of Europe Ecologie Les Verts (a green political party in France) what she thinks about the cannabis law. She answered that she was in favor of decriminalization of cannabis to reduce crime and to develop more effective prevention methods.

France is one of the European countries that matter most to consumers despite a tough policy against this plant, its consumption and production. According to the European Agency, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, 21.7% of 15-24 year olds in France have smoked cannabis during the last year against 11.4% in the Netherlands. According to figures, there is a sharp increase in consumption. Francois Hollande, the current French president, has quickly made a point of honor on this and it maintains its policy of cannabis prohibition.

The response of the President of EELV group in the Senate, was quickly made known. On July 2, Jean-Vincent Place (shown in the image) said that the "prohibition" of marijuana was "an absolute failure."

Portugal is a good example of the benefits of decriminalization. The country is now one of the lowest drug consumption in the European Union after the passing of a law 10 years ago decriminalizing the drug use.

At the moment though, it's not looking good for the French who are hoping for the decriminalization of cannabis. And getting cannabis from the southern parts of the Netherlands has become impossible for them, thanks to the weed pass.

We'll conclude with this article with the words of Peter Januel, co-head of the Justice Committee of EELV: "Police, justice, prison do not solve the crime. They only respond. We will never find anything better than prevention policies to reduce the number of crimes and offences".


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