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MAPS update: US MDMA studies


The American MAPS organisation (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) released an update this week on a number of their US studies related to MDMA. Below we’re sharing some of the update news.

What is MAPS?

MAPS' mission is to treat conditions for which conventional medicines provide limited relief, such as PTSD & anxiety associated with life-threatening illnesses, by developing psychedelics & marijuana into prescription medicines.

Flagship study reaches milestone

The flagship study into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy (see previous coverage) has reached a new milestone. The lead investigator and co-authors submitted a paper with the long-term results of subjects who participated in the study. After the original study, 17 of the 21 PTDS (post-traumatic stress disorder) patients were no longer diagnosed as suffering from PTSD. The follow-up study shows the benefits of MDMA were maintained, with only two subjects experiencing a relapse of PTDS symptoms.

The research suggests that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy isn't merely a short-term treatment, but may be a lasting cure for severe PTSD patients.

US veterans study expanded

This is a similar study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, but now focused on service-related PTSD among US soldiers, police and fire-fighters. Read the original article here.

The Phase II study is being expanded from 16 to 24 subjects to ensure more meaningful statistical data and to enable the research team to come to more conclusive observations. 12 subjects will receive a full dose of MDMA (125 mg), 6 subjects will receive half a dose and the remaining 6 will receive a placebo. MAPS hopes that their search for a treatment for this particular form of PTSD will lead to backing by the US Department of Defence.

The sixth subject was enrolled in early January and MAPS is still seeking research participants to fill the remaining slots.

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