BlogDutch political party GroenLinks: Legalize use of hard drugs
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Dutch political party GroenLinks: Legalize use of hard drugs


In an interview with the local Amsterdam TV station AT5, the political party GroenLinks stated that the use of hard drugs should be made legal in Amsterdam.

Currently the Dutch Opium laws do not forbid the use of hard drugs, though the city of Amsterdam does explicitly forbid it in its police regulation.

City counsel member Marco de Goede of GroenLinks: “People that use [hard drugs] and don’t cause any trouble should not be seen as criminals. If someone uses an XTC pill at home, it doesn’t harm anyone.”

According to the counsel member the current police regulation leads to dangerous situations, where people take large quantities of hard drugs at home prior to a party, instead of spread out throughout the evening and night. GroenLinks feels there should be a ‘fun doctor’ in the near future. If you want to take XTC just for fun, you can see this doctor and get clear information about pros and cons.

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