BlogOh no! Kids getting high on MP3s!
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Oh no! Kids getting high on MP3s!


There’s a new drug on the streets and it is taking the lives of our children! It is completely legal, too!

We’re seeing more and more newspaper and television stories that warn parents about ‘digital drugs’. Although I-Doser has been around for years, every now and then a US news station uses it in an attempt to stir up a moral panic.

I-Doser is a program that uses binaural sounds to induce a state similar to those produced when using certain drugs (according to the makers, that is). Doses can be purchased for around $5 (or steal 'em at TPB). Users can choose from a wide variety of drugs, including LSD, mushrooms and cannabis. Now although these sounds can help you achieve a state beyond that of your normal consciousness, it can in no way be compared to the 'real thing'.

Still, parents are concerned and are crying out for a ban on this ‘drug’. Not only do they want to keep their children from having a little fun, they are also worried that the use of I-Doser might lead to kids starting to use real drugs. Here’s the News-9 video report:

Wired Magazine raises some serious questions (How will police know if a teen is with headphones on is i-dosing or just listening to Justin Bieber? Is the iPod the bong of the future?). Click here to read their story on this latest ‘internet craze’.

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