BlogTherapist fined for giving patients psychedelics
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Therapist fined for giving patients psychedelics


A court in Switzerland gave a suspended sentence on Monday to a psychotherapist who treated her high-society patients with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ecstasy and mescaline saying the illegal drugs "expanded the consciousness."

The Zurich court gave the 62-year-old therapist a 16-month suspended sentence and a €1500 fine for supplying the drugs during weekend therapy sessions between 2004 and 2008. These sessions were held in a specially designed room.

Groups of around 60 people, made up of doctors, lawyers and business-men's wives who each paid €200, attended the sessions, according to the charge sheet.

The psychotherapist handed out 700 doses each of LSD and MDMA, 50 of mescaline and 150 of 2C-B. The Swiss prosecutor wanted the court to convict her for drug dealing. She claims the drugs were imported through mail from the United States.

In the court, the psychotherapist said the illegal products were not drugs, but "substances which allow the expansion of the consciousness."
The Swiss court found the psychotherapist guilty of violating the law on therapeutic products.

For more details, see this (translated) article.

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