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World Cup 2010 News


After 32 years, the team of the Netherlands has reached the World Cup final! The city of Amsterdam literally exploded in celebration when ‘Oranje’ secured its place in the finals of the World Cup football in South Africa. After tonight we know who’ll be playing in the finals: Spain or Germany. Many Dutch fans would prefer the latter, as we have some unfinished business, dating back from 1974 :-) The Netherlands will play Spain in the final!

Paris Hilton lights up at World Cup

In other WC related news, Paris Hilton and a playmate friend, Jennifer Rovero, were busted for smoking a doob. The girls were taken into custody for carrying a joint at the Brazil – Netherlands quarter final. Charges against Paris were dropped, but Rovero pleaded guilty and received a $150 fine. Talk about taking the bullet for your famous friend…

World Cup of cocaine

Last week, police in Bogota seized a life sized World Cup Trophy molded out of pure cocaine. The trophy was discovered in a postal warehouse in Bogota. The trophy was made of no less than 11 kilo of cocaine, mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it moldable. It was found inside a box that was headed for Madrid, Spain.

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