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Avatar: Psychedelic Cinema?


While some believe James Cameron’s Avatar 3D aims to bring our earthly spirits in some sort of higher consciousness, others describe it as brainless violence-drenched amusement. Meanwhile, several blogs and articles have been written in which the message of the movie and the relationship with psychedelics are being discussed.

Aya Avatar - Drink the Jungle Juice
- Erik Davis comments on various events throughout the movie that are likely to be influenced by psychedelics (Ayahuasca).

Avatar: The Psychedelic Worldview and the 3D Experience
- Can 3D movies such as Avatar and Alice in Wonderland serve as a messenger to bring psychedelic values and ideas into mainstream thinking?

Avatar: Downloading Our Higher Selves
- In a lengthy article Antonio Lopez gives his take on several major aspects of the film. Nonetheless an interesting read.

The psychedelic sacrament scene cut from Avatar
- The script pages for some scenes that didn’t make the final cut of Avatar have been uploaded and include, among others, a scene in which Jake undergoes a mystical psychedelic experience after ingesting a glow worm followed by an alien scorpion sting.

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