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Psychoactivity seminars in Nepal


Psychoactivity will organize two seminars in Nepal. This year the theme is "The Tiger Meets The Jaguar", because it will be the first intercultural meeting of shamanic traditions from both the Himalayas and the Amazon Basin.

week 1: November 29 – December 5
week 2: December 8 - December 14

The seminars will take place in the Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, a first class hotel 34 kilometers east of Kathmandu. The seminar fee includes three meals daily.

Both seminar weeks are dedicated to the world-wide shamanic heritage. The colombian shaman Kajuyali Tsamani and his son will be representing the jaguar of the Amazon, exchanging sacred knowledge with the sherpa, kirati and tamang shamans from Nepal. All shamans will be joining in eachother's ceremonies. Among the presenters there will also be Christian Raetch, Claudia Mueller-Ebeling, Arno Adelaars, and Mohan Rai, the founder of the Shamanic Studies and Research Centre in Kathmandu.

Kajuyali Tsamani will conduct one Ayahuasca ceremony each seminar. He will also focus on his 30-year connection with the Kogi people from the Sierra Nevada. The message the Kogi have for the world resembles to a certain extent the viewpoint of Nepalese Shamans.

If you register before March 31 the fee for one seminar is 1500 euro. After that the registration fee will be 1800 euro. You can register here and find more information at

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