BlogOne step closer towards legalizing drugs
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One step closer towards legalizing drugs


By 2020 drugs will be used and supplied according to regulation instead of prohibited in many UN member states. This is indicated by the growing international movement against the current universal prohibition policy.

The British Parliamentary Science and Technology Select committee recently published a report that claims the current system should be altered radically: ‘Drug classification: making a hash of it?’.
The way in which drugs are being classified in Class A, B or C is not on the basis of the harm they do but on the penalties they attract under the criminal justice system.

Penalties should be in accordance with the harm caused, so would our common sense suggest.

The Select Committee opts for a reclassification of drugs whereby also tobacco and alcohol are being classified. These two are responsible for 40 times the total number of deaths caused by all the illegal substances together. Drugs such as XTC and LSD are classified as A, however tobacco and alcohol are not in the system at all while freely available. This would make the public think they are not harmful.

The report states that the current system is totally illogical and confusing. It is time – now and not by 2020 – for a mature debate on our attitude towards mind altering substances.

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Source: Western mail

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