well...whats this?

well...still trippin with the herbs at the moment... a little "flirring" visual experience is to notice yet. what happend: i sat on my chair disappointed by recognizing no "high" of the justed achieved salvia herbs... it immideatly overwhelmed me: the whole room was swept like as if it was out of rubber but as a hole picture... an begann to twirl like a liquid rubber-elastic spiral...hu! scary. i awared a thought -maybe a voice- saying: "you wont get out of here". i was very scared about that at that moment , and by the urge off immedetely wanting to escape out of this state i stumbled trying to flee on my knees an hands over the floor and stopped sitting in the doorframe...the cool doorframe calmed me down... and brought me back to "this" because i was very scared of never getting out ouf "this" "reality-room" that a few moments was swept away like a rubberimmage...amazing, but firsttimer scary experience. made me curious about some new... and i am very amused about that "experience"