The Jetstream

So I smoked Salvia. Its long Time ago I had Salvia as alcoholic Tincture and my Girlfriend hallucinated that she was flying on a Dragon´s Back into an Orkus of Colors so I was interested and tried, too. But except an Euphoria nothing else happened. Years later I decided to try again. I smoked in a Hash-Pipe 0,1 g mixed with littlebit Tobacco and held my Breath as long as I could. After 30 Seconds I felt like I drank 10 Biers but my Mind was crystal clear. Also a Voice said: " It is all not so difficult ! Be easy, all will be good for you !" I calmed down and felt relaxed. After 4 Minutes I smoked the next 0,1 g and had to giggle and felt, my Arms were no longer mine and a alien Person writes on my Laptop and I just watched. Strange but I decided not to be too astonished because I smoked alone and didnt want to risk too much. After 3 Minutes I smoked the last 0,1 g and after that there was a Bang! The Screen became 3-dimensional, I stared in my Room ( only a big Candle lightened it up ) and heard a buzzing Sound and suddenly a Jetstream formed in the Middle of my Room, like a Black Hole it started to suck all the Things in the Room in it. Things seemed to be made from Butter, Oil-Colors and were pulled into this Stream, really deformated ALL in ONE Direction. I sat still and was amazed. It really looked like a Stream to another World. I thought : " Man, you have a new Piece for your Picture to Paint now !". After 5 Minutes all Scenery ended and I felt tired and went to sleep. Dreams were very strange but Quality of Sleep was OK. By the Way, many People say: " Ey, try Salvia, its BETTER than Acid" and so on. Hey, you cannot compare Salvia to Acid, because the Receptors which are inhibited/stimulated are totally different and every Psychedelic should be treatened with Respect and without this "Better or Worse". Ah, I forgot: the Body Effects of Salvia were a bit strange: like Ants on the Skin and very very cold sweaty Hands, not comfortable but who said that Salvia will give you a Body-Feeling like Opiates give ? So, Greetings and Lots of Fun for all nice People !