Salvia Dried Leaves - wtf?

Ok. I was with 2 friends at my home yesterday. I ordered 6 gram Salvia leaves. First we crushed like 0.3-0.5 gram leaves and smoked it, nothing. Then we chewed all 3 leaves for about 2 gram each. IT WAS NASTY AS HELL!!! Then we swallowed after 15 min. Then we waited and after 15 min more we eated 200 seeds each morning glory blue seeds. After 40 min i started to feel sick, and i had a nasty puke feeling in my stomach, u all know that nasty feeling when u have to puke. I had that feeling for about 1 hour, and then i was mad so i put my finger in my throat and puked out the leaves. Then i went to sleep, and my other 2 friends also had to puke, but only for 10 min, then it stopped. But thats all, i didnt feel anything then a nasty puke feeling -__-. Will never buy it again. ps: There is 1 thing that happened to me. When i woke up today, i feel like i am a better and different person. Weird..anyway, WILL NEVER BUY IT AGAIN! [Comment from Azarius: Salvia leaves should not be smoked, they should be chewed for half an hour, and they shouldn't be swallowed but spit out. We also don't recommend combining Salvia with other psychedelics like LSA.]