I've tried Salvia leaves a couple of times but never managed to get good effects. I've tried smoking them which gave me a light buzz and some problems with my balance,but not much more. I also made a quid of some leaves, but again it didnt give me any effect. So I decided to make an extract. I only had 1 gram of leaves left so I was gonna make 0,2gram of 5x extract. I soaked the leaves in some aceton, and did this three times. then I poured all the aceton together in one glass and added 0,2gram of leaves. Then I let it stand overnight so the aceton could evaporate (place it outside). First I was not my intention to try the extract on myself. I smoked some homemade wild dagga extract/kanna, but then I wanted to try some of the extract too. i didnt expect that much from it since it didnt work the first few times(boy was I wrong). I filled a half bowl and inhaled it in one time. After 30 seconds I could definetly feel the Salvia-gravity and a hard buzz. I filled another bowl, inhaled it in one time and layed down. I suddenly couldnt feel my arms anymore. It was like I melted with the bed. I started hallucinating( some open eye visuals,but mostly closed). It was like I was sucked into a tunnel, rollercoaster-feeling. The images moved on the music and if I opened my eyes, the surrounding seemed to melt together. It didnt last for that long but was very funny. I still realized that I took Salvia, so I wasn't scared at all. Didn't had a really spiritual experience. Peace