No breakthrough

My first experience with Salvia lead me no further than maybe the second stage. I was burning Sandalwood incense and smoking out of a small water bong. After the second hit I felt rather happy, and a sense of knowing, better hearing, and more capable of understanding. I felt a powerful need to be outside, and stayed outside for the duration of my euphoria. I smoked a cigarette. I was sober. The duration of my experience was maybe ten minutes, and even though I smoked about half an ounce, I never felt anything stronger than after my second hit. It should be noted that I am a rather large individual, and have always had a generally larger than usual tolerance to anything smoked. I also did not have a proper torch lighter and believe that may be partly to blame. My next attempt will be with a torch lighter, but I also intend to purchase a stronger extract. A little note about me, I am training to become a 'modern medicine man' and part of that training dictates that you must have communicated with Dame Salvia, who is believed to be the spirit of nature. My faith is comprised of christianity and various religious beliefs, especially Cherokee and Mazatec. Study of various religions has lead to the discovery that many religions actually back each other up.