Meeting Dame Salvia

I had my first quid experience this week. By chewing 8 leaves for half an hour i came in some sort of warm, meditative state. Nothing like smoking the leaves. So i decided to put two leaves in the bong. After two lungs full of the metallic smoke (i really enjoy the taste of it). i came in the known realms of my earlier salviatrips with 10x extract, but it was more comprehensible. I stayed there for about ten minutes, then the smoke effects wore off, but the quid effects lasted for more than an hour. I went to sleep, but suddenly, 2 hours later i woke up, realizing that i had dreamed very weird. Not in images, but in language. I can't remember what exactly, but the structure was a bit like the language used in Finnegan's Wake from James Joyce. Obscure, at first seeming meaningless, but with a lot of meaning underneath. I really look forward to meet Dame Salvia again by traditional use - quid - this time with a bit more leaves. I start to believe this is the best way to explore her extra-ordinary worlds and start a relation with Her, without the panic often felt using extracts.