Little men

so this was my first time on it and i got some 10x and loaded it into a 2 foot bong then started to rip as big as I could. the next thing i knew i took the whole bowl! when i exhaled i sat back i felt like i was getting pulled into the chair then i decided to head to my room well that was harder then i thought when i felt gravity pulling me straight to the ground after alittle while i made it to my bed when i sat down i felt and saw a bunch of little people about 1 inch tall they looked like tiki men with crazy hats and a crazy language. so i decided to call my friend. when i did i felt them taking me into another room and when i was talking to my friend they started to get angered and shake me rapidly! it was a crazy feeling then slowly i started to get back to the gravity feeling and somehow ended back up in my room. after i came down i called my friend again and he said that was the funnyest shit he has ever heard and that i really did call him and told that the little people were getting mad at me and i needed to get off the phone. but yeah that was my trip and let me tell you that was the most fun i have ever had.