Lego Land

My first time using Salvia was with the 10x extract. My friends and I bought it and were driving around in the car so we could smoke it. The driver decided not to have any, and everyone else in the car wanted to wait until they saw the effects, so I volunteered to test it. After smoking almost the entire half gram we bought, I realized I was "no longer in the car". I felt like I was on a train looking out the window. All of the sudden, I felt like I was in some sort of Lego Land. I was on some kind of assembly line and the Lego Men were passing me down. Eventually the men were passing me down and they put me back into my seat of the car. I kept feeling like the Lego men were trying to pull me back into the "land," so I grabbed onto my friend for help. After that, everyone else in the car was too scared to try. We kept driving around to let my high "cool off. " But I kept feeling like we were passing the same intersection over and over again. Once I finally realized we weren't I started shaking like crazy. Everyone was looking at me and one person asked if we should go to the hospital because I was shaking so badly my head was slamming the window. After about thirty minutes of driving around, laughing, screaming, and throwing things I felt ok enough to get out of the car. I then had to walk back to my house which was about a mile away. The entire walk home I still felt like I was floating and everything was very colorful. The high finally wore off completely after about two hours.