Fuking wak! But suprisingly life changing.

I packed a cone full of the majical salvia divinorum... lit the cone and watched the bucky fill with thick whitish smoke. I unscrewed the top of the bottle and went down... about 4 hits worth of smoke in one lung full... i held it in for about 40 seconds, and thats when shit started getting freaky. i sat down on my big green armchair and wotched tv... small evil looking faces started patterning of the tv and surrounding me, before i knew it they were licking me and nibbling me and yelling a giberish phrase over and over again. i fell into my seat and kept falling, the news presenter on tv started yelling my name and telling me i wasn't going to survive my plane crash, and all of a sudden i woz locked in a box (strangely resembling a coffin) and i remember (what it seemed at the time) that i pulled my thumbnail out and then ate it. I slowly started to find my way back to reality and then before i knew it i was wotching the news feeling slightly stoned. good luck to anyone who tries it. she needs respect and it hits you like a brick wall when your not expecting it. completely psycedelic!!!! and the good thing is that it only lasts for about 15 minutes. Happy tripping!!!