Dimentional Shift

This is my first experience with Salvia Divinorum. I used a water pipe and a small bowl. I took the hit and held the smoke for around 20-25 seconds. Everything was prepared. I was sitting on my sofa, with my two friends ready for the moment. Nice soft light was litting the living room with candles and Shine on your crazy diamonds for the music background was creating the kind of ambiance we were looking for. My friends took shots before me, and once they returned to their normal state, I took mine. I remember inhaling the smoke, and it hit me, just like that. I can barely remember exhaling the smoke because the feeling was rushing through my body. At first, anxiety struck me because the effect was...fearful, but I soon thought "that's just weird". I felt that I was somehow connected to my two friends, somehow we knew, but they didn't. We were on the same kind of wave if you want. I was starring at them like "Gosh!", I understood what they were talking about. It's...unique. I suddenly rose, I needed to have a glass of water, somehow I was thirsty. That's when I noticed that I felt like time was ahead of me, and I was somehow behind it, too slow to be with the flow. But there was also something else. My body was separated in two. The front of my body was moving, but the other half was still sitting in the sofa. I was always thinking "I'm actually dreaming this, I’m still sitting on the sofa, and I'm tripping", but no, it was real. At first I just thought that I was stuck between too dimensions, because the feeling of being separated into two parts was making me think that I was stuck between doors if you want. On my way to the kitchen, I felt what I could explain as a time shift, or dimension shift. The kitchen played the role of...tunnel, or road towards the other dimension. I had crossed a barrier. I was in the same place but in another dimension. Like those scientists say that there is another universe completely the opposite of this one. I felt I had crossed the barrier between the two worlds. Everything was the same, but I knew it wasn't real, it wasn't my dimension. My friends, who weren't my friends because they were the others, were starring blankly at me, trying to understand what I meant. "I need to get back, I crossed the damn kitchen and I'm inside the other dimension, you know that don’t you?" I heard myself say. When I spoke I had the feeling that I was still sitting on my sofa and dreaming. It was, me, but it wasn't. I went back into the living room and sat nearby my friends and said "That's crazy man". The feeling of pressure was on me. The idea that something was pushing me, or at least, the side which was capable of moving. This thing was unique. Undescribable in a way. I was awaiting visions of people and voices as well as some colourful images...but nothing I had read could have prepared me to what I experienced. I first said that I wouldn't try Salvia anymore, because it was too unique for me. Uncomfortable, but not scary, but yet a bit. The feeling of being in two places in the same time soon wore off, but the idea that I was split into two parts stayed longer. I eventually got back to where I started, half amazed, half wondering what really happened and half scared by what happened. This experience was something I had been looking forward for a while, but it didn't reach my expectations because the idea I had constructed in my mind was so different from what I experienced. It did something else. Still I think that Salvia is so unique, that it is important to think of it as something unexplainable. Salvia made me think of the reality of things...and the other sides. It is a substance which should be handled with care in the right environment with the right people, but it is something that one should attempt if he wants to try something unique, magic in a way, if he wants to know. I will have another go, later, when I'll be ready for another go. Yet I'll never forget what I felt. Not good, not bad, just incredibly...unexplainable.