Ok. I took 5x in a bong several times before. Didn't like the tase, but it was different. Then, I ordered some 20x on the net (greenish black in color). Took down a bowl all at once and held it. Before I even let it out it kicked me in the ass and numbed my jaw. Talk about crazy. It's like mixing LSD with Nitrous. The room kept wanting to spin counterclockwise and was going in rhythm with that wa wa noise, I had no control over it. My place became someone elses. I felt like it was my first time there. My blood pressure went through the roof and I was sweating like a pig. I had to get up and walk around becoming very productive at doing bullshit tasks like making the bed and doing dishes to keep myself from going insane. I wanted it to end because I thought I was going to have a heart attack. After about 20 minutes it was tapering off. I still take it for a minor buzz. Only needing to inhale a small puff of this intensely strong mind-altering substance.